Not only will your collaboration with us provide excellent, high-quality results, but it will also broaden your horizons and offer you new, fresh ideas and solutions!

Omnia has no intention of wasting your time: the requested service will be provided to you in a timely manner!

Our translators, proof-readers and assistants in writing are available, flexible and helpful throughout the whole collaboration.

Public appearances don’t only include interviews, meetings and gatherings, but also your brochures, catalogues and leaflets. Thus, the language they contain has to be adequate in order to present you to the general public and potential collaborators in the best way possible. With our professional approach, we will help you achieve that goal by providing quality materials for you.

Our translators and proofreaders are:

highly educated

 specialized in a particular field

very experienced


reliable and fast

In collaboration with highly educated, professional and experienced translators specialized in particular fields, we focus on providing quality translation services from and into all world languages at reasonable prices.